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COVID-19 Information for customers

SELF-SERVE- Self-Serve Wash & Dry will continue to operate 6am to 10pm every day.  You MUST check-in with the QR code via the serviceNSW app before entry or use the sign in form located inside the laundry. Masks are also required to be worn at ALL times whilst inside the laundry.

DROP-OFF BAG WASH- WASH/DRY/FOLD   (24hr turnaround)
Kingswood: 10AM to 2PM Monday to Friday
Penrith: This site is Self-Serve only - no over the counter service. Please use the drop & go lockers for drop off bag wash.

At both locations there are Drop & Go Lockers.
Register on the CleanCloud App which will allow access to the Drop & Go Lockers from 6am to 10pm 365 days a year

Laundry dropped in by 9am Mon-Fri will be returned to the Locker for pickup by 4pm the same day.

Once items are placed in the Locker they will be picked up & processed to your instructions.
You will receive a text message when your cleaned laundry has been returned to the locker.

Due to the risk of COVID-19 all Drop-Off laundry must be in a basket, hamper or bagged. This enables the laundry attendant to load directly into the washers, with minimal handling
The Ironing Service will continue as usual – Over the counter (Kingswood) or Drop & Go Locker - 48 hour turnaround


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